Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation: Campaign for the Next Century

Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation: Campaign for the Next Century

Design/Writing/Research, New York, New York, 1997


The Guggenheim has become both famous and infamous for its international scale and impressive building projects. This publication, which is intended to help raise $200 million, is asking donors to expand the resources of the museum and support its growth. The front of the book is handled as a full-color visual dossier, while the financial data in the back is treated as a two-color report. The typography (a custom-designed font called Guggenheim) refers to the Frank Lloyd Wright lettering that is found throughout the Fifth Avenue building. A thumb notch marks the famous spiral ramp of the Guggenheim. The small scale of the book and its modest production deliberately undercut the expectation that everything associated with the Guggenheim is large and costly, offering itself as a sleek, concise document.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 1997
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Creative director
J. Abbott Miller
Art director/designer
Luke Hayman
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
HTF Guggenheim
Hull Printing
Warren LOE Dull, Mohawk Superfine
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation