Nike iD website and Reuters Sign

Nike iD website and Reuters Sign

R/GA, New York, New York, 2005


NikeiD website:
ChallengeNike sought to create the next-generation e-commerce experience for the Nike iD site, which allows consumers to custom-design, personalize and purchase footwear and gear.
R/GA redesigned into a premium, e-commerce experience that for the first time unites the iD brand globally. An architectural framework ensures consistency in identity across countries. The photography, minimalist design and elegant presentation of product exude a premium experience. Consumers can custom-design, personalize and purchase footwear and gear from a blank canvas or a preconfigured design for inspiration. The design process is clean and intuitive, organizing various steps and hundreds of color choices into a simple four-component sequence. New components include “Collections,” stories behind featured product, and “Breadcrumb” functionality for improved navigation.
The Nike iD site was created entirely in Flash MX, which facilitates the quick deployment of the iD technology throughout Nike brand sites, such as Nike Basketball and Nike Gridiron (Football).

Reuters sign:
To help promote the relaunch of, Nike enthusiasts and Times Square passers-by were invited to participate in the world’s first cell phone–controlled, commerce-enabled interactive experience. Set in the heart of Times Square, the challenge called for pedestrians to design the Nike Free 5.0 shoe live on the 23-story Reuters sign. Participants used their wireless phones (unrestricted by carrier) to call an 800 number featured on the sign. After making the call, users were placed in a queue or prompted to begin the design session. They had up to 60 seconds to create a design from a modified palette of five base colors. Users navigated color changes with their keypads, pressing 2 (upper), 4 (swoosh and swoosh border), 6 (collar and midsole) and 8 (laces).
After they finished their design, an SMS message was sent to their mobile phone that included a link to a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) site, where users could directly download a “one size fits all” mobile wallpaper of their newly created shoe, complete with a stamped “Times Square” message to serve as a souvenir of the experience. The SMS message also contained a unique code and a text link to, which served as a special gateway page into By entering the unique code and selecting gender on this page, participants would be able to retrieve their Times Square creation, with the option to further customize the shoe (for example, cycle through more colors and/or add their tag or initials) and then add to the cart for purchase.

Juror Notes

Really good, integrated campaign.
Very empowering; visually interesting interface.
By using the Reuters sign, they bring mass-customization to its fullest expression. It’s broadcasting “YOU,” exactly what Nike wants.
Customization process on the website is very clear, lively and straightforward. You get instant feedback; very engaging with the brand.

Collections: AIGA 365: 27 (2006)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Corporate strategy, Logo, Website