Luminous Code: Photo-Based Artworks Catalogue

Luminous Code: Photo-Based Artworks Catalogue

Marc English: Design, Austin, Texas, 1997


The title of this exhibition catalogue of photo-based art served as my inspiration. A translucent cover came to mind immediately when I heard the word “luminous.” For “code,” I drew upon camera F-stop settings and developing instructions—all codes to those who understand them, namely photographers. The stuff of the photographic process was also used in my introductory collages: silver tape, masking tape, Polaroid prints, a Hasselblad, and viewfinders.

The display typography apes F-stops. Inks are metallic. The display of the exhibition pieces places the artists’ work at the fore, as it should be, with supporting text, though somewhat stylized, kept to a minimum. The remaining cover and supplementary spreads I have tried to approached as my own version of “photo-based art.” The printer did a great job printing on both sides of the translucent dust jacket, marrying it with the actual cover images. Everybody’s happy.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 1997
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Marc English: Design
Creative director
Marc English
Graphic designer
Marc English
Andrew Yates, Various
Jennifer Blessing
Monaco, Meta
The Lithoprint Company
Jacket: Neenah UV Ultra II #17, Catalogue: S.D. Warren Patina Matte 70# Text and 80# Cover
Texas Fine Arts Association