Park Avenue United Methodist Church Stationery

Park Avenue United Methodist Church Stationery

Studio D Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1998


Park Avenue Church wanted a redesign of their stationery with two objectives in mind. They wanted to include their mission statement on each stationery component, and they also wanted an identity that would be unique to this particular church—something that would spark interest in and create awareness about Park Avenue to potential members.

Creating a logo for a church was a challenge, considering that most religious imagery is applicable to all churches. The leaf was chosen not only to represent “Park,” but also to symbolize life, constant growth, and renewal. Various colors were used to reinforce the theme of growth, by representing the changing of the seasons. The hand is brought together with the leaf to represent the hand of Jesus, as well as their racially and culturally integrated congregation.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 20 (1999)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Logo, Stationery


Design firm
Studio D Design
Art director
Laurie DeMartino
Laurie DeMartino, Zack Custer
News Gothic, New Baskerville
Atlantic Press
French Frostone Flurry
Park Avenue United Methodist Church