Shea Stadium Neon Murals

Shea Stadium Neon Murals

Richard Poulin Design Group, Inc., New York, New York, 1986


Seven simple profiles – baseball players depicted in neon – become graphic icons for seven windscreen murals that surround Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets. Each figure measures approximately ninety by sixty feet. Color activates the sense of movement in each player's stance – the batter's swing, the fielder's stretch, the runner's gait. The murals are fabricated out of double neon tubing using two colors per windscreen. Transformers are concealed behind the windscreen panels. The U-channels that frame and house the neon are painted to mirror the illumination so that the mural's colors can be read in daylight.

Collections: A Decade of Sports Graphics
Discipline: Environmental graphic design
Format: Exhibit, Artifact


Design firm
Richard Poulin Design Group, Inc.
Art director/designer
Richard Poulin
Universal Unlimited, Inc.
New York Mets