1995 Black History Month Poster

1995 Black History Month Poster

Nike Design, Beaverton, Oregon, 1995


The purpose and conceptual direction of this poster was for the commemoration and celebration of “Black History Month” and Coretta Scott King’s arrival at Nike. The type creating the “equals” sign on the front side reflects the plight and historical moments of the Civil Rights Movement. The names coming through the background in white are those individuals who have made lasting contributions to our society and helped pave the way for equal recognition for African Americans. The back side of the poster lists the names and contributions of individuals listed on the front. The simplicity of the poster helps focus attention on the equals sign—a symbol for the Civil Rights Movement. The uncoated kraft paper and overlapping inks reflect the many quickly printed postings and news flashes of the day.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 17 (1996)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Posters, Promotion, Type design


Design firm
Nike Design
Art director
Jeff Weithman
Graphic designers
Jeff Weithman, Craig Barez
Stanley Hainsworth
Craig Barez, Jeff Weithman
Graphic Arts Center
Brown Kraft
Nike, Inc.