Trio Network Redesign

Trio Network Redesign

Open, New York, New York, 2003


Trio is a television network that’s all about popular culture. They celebrate tv as an art form by featuring a great mix of smart, entertaining and surprising shows that are all part of our shared cultural experience. We were asked to develop a develop a complete network redesign for Trio, built around their new logo (created by design studio Number Seventeen in New York) and designed for use on air, online and in print.

But an identity isn't just about a nice logo. It’s a way to express what an organization is about through everything it does and everything it says. And that visual language has to be both compelling and flexible for it to work. For Trio we used a few fundamental concepts to develop a vocabulary of design ideas--typography, color, the changing three-word taglines, etc--and built everything from combinations of these elements.

Trio is only available in about 20 million homes in the United States, so it's not yet Nielsen rated. But since the redesign the network itself has become a popular culture phenomenon. Traffic to the Trio website (, also part of the redesign project) doubled over the previous year. Trio became part of NBC Universal television group. And Entertainment Weekly named Trio the "it" cable network for 2003.

Total budget: Approximately $300,000, including design, photography, music, and production.

Collections: AIGA 365: 25 (2004)
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Motion graphic


Design firm
Creative directors
Scott Stowell, Jane Olson
Creative consultant
Christopher Wilcha
Susan Barber, Cara Brower, Scott Stowell
Logo designers
Emily Oberman, Bonnie Siegler
Simone Pillinger
Lead animator
Dave Stoy
Moreno DiMarco, Bryan Keeling, Michelle Kratchman, Tamar Samir
A. Purcell Carson
Scott Stowell, Christopher Wilcha
Jason Fulford
Director of photography
Matthew Akers
Music supervision
Beth Urdang, Dawn Sutter Madell, Agoraphone
Original music
Busy Signals, DJMeDJYou, I Am the World Trade Center, Rjd2
Sound designers
Tim Barnes, Shay Lynch
Trio Gotham (customized)