Instrumental Form: Words, Buildings, Machines

Instrumental Form: Words, Buildings, Machines

Jones: Partners, Architecture, El Segundo, California, 1997


As indicated by the subtitle of this architectural monograph, the design of Instrumental Form tends to give equal consideration graphically to the author’s text and varied built work, allowing each to contribute synergistically to the discussion of a technological approach to architecture.

The book design therefore eschews the closed method of presentation common to architectural monographs, wherein text is used simply to explain the visual material. Rather, Instrumental Form offers the possibility of a more open reading of both the visual and written material, which are presented as contiguous, parallel tracks of information.

This approach allows the reader to participate more actively in the reading of the work as links within the main body of the text and the adjacent images prompt improved understanding.

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Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Jones: Partners, Architecture
Graphic designer
Doug Jackson
Wes Jones
Helvetica Light, Customized
C&C Offset
Mitsubishi Matte Art, 105 gsm
Princeton Architectural Press