2wice “Animal” issue
2wice “Animal” issue
2wice “Animal” issue
2wice “Animal” issue
2wice “Animal” issue

2wice “Animal” issue

Pentagram, New York, New York, 2003


The “Animal” issue of 2wice presented an opportunity to look at the prevalence of animal imagery in dance, fashion, and photography. I wanted the overall impression of the design and the editorial mix to feel like an Aesop’s fable, something that is childlike but not strictly for children. Hence, the simple, storybook approach to typography, which is plain but elegant. Likewise, the photography is all very direct and simple, ranging from the overtly cute (portraits of animal babies) to the profoundly creepy (taxidermic tableaux). The performers we featured had a similar range: the dialogue between civility and savagery in the Paul Taylor Company performance of Cloven Kingdom versus the literal animalism of the David Parsons dancers. The simplicity of the design allowed us to connect more forcefully a broad range of material into a coherent ensemble, making a virtue of our complex mission to mix performance, photography and design.

Juror Notes

Exhaustive multiplication of an idea. Consistently well designed.

“I’m curious to know how they go about these. Do they find the images first and go from there or vice versa? So well done." Susanna Dulkinys

“What’s not to love about it?” Brian Noyes

Collections: AIGA 365: 25 (2004)
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Magazine


Design firm
Creative director
Abbott Miller
Art director
Abbott Miller
Abbott Miller, Jeremy Hoffman
Richard Barnes, Dwight Eschliman, Alan MacWeeney, Michael O'Neill, Jean Pigozzi, Martin Schoeller, Christian Witkin
Abbott Miller, Patsy Tarr
Nancy Dalva, Laura Jacobs, Randi Mates
2wice Arts Foundation
Project managers
Jess Mackta, Jane Rosch
Peake Printers, Inc.
Printing method
4-color offset lithography
Peake Printers, Inc.
Binding method
Perfect bound
Scheufelen Consort Royal Silk 100 lb. text, 120 lb. cover
Monotype Walbaum
2wice Arts Foundation