LinoGraphics Official Price Guide
LinoGraphics Official Price Guide
LinoGraphics Official Price Guide

LinoGraphics Official Price Guide

Kode Associates Inc., New York, New York, 1996


LinoGraphics sells digital prepress services to the advertising, design, and photography industries and is committed to supplying a full range of services to meet the individual client’s needs. The original price guide positioned LinoGraphics as a service bureau; the second price guide, as a premier service bureau. This third version, with expanded services and high-end prepress capabilities, touches on the fact that the company has grown, both domestically and internationally. This is the reason for bringing the concept back to a passport pattern, corporate seal, international photos, etc.

The finishing and details were kept intact. Neenah Buckskin cover for durability in usage, singer sewn and laminated to Zanders Ikonrex matte-coated text to show off their own prepess capabilities. The entire process, from proofs to final film seps and color matchprints, was done entirely by the client, then handed over to the printer.

Quality was the main factor in showing off the client’s capabilities. Details in the design, printing, and finishing reflect their position. I feel that this project crosses over different boundaries, showing a sensitivity toward dealing with agencies, design firms, and photographers. It communicates well with a clear and simple concept, utilizing all the client’s services.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 18 (1997)
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Catalogue


Design firm
Kode Associates Inc.
Art director
William T. Kochi
Graphic designer
William T. Kochi
William T. Kochi
Rockwell, Stuyvesant, OCRB
Cyan, Inc.
Riverside Group
Neenah Buckskin Cover, Zanders Ikonex Text
LinoGraphics Corporation