Chemistry (and the Catalysts for Seismic Change)

Chemistry (and the Catalysts for Seismic Change)

Stone Yamashita Partners, San Francisco, California, 2001


We help CEOs and leadership teams take their companies through eras of extreme change. The purpose of this book was to take ideas, lessons, truths and examples gleaned from our experience, and weave them into a consistent, engaging story. We chose the metaphor of chemistry to talk about the “work of change.”

The biggest parameter was our own desire not to go overboard on the design merely because we could. We tried to be deliberate about where we innovated in the design, always pursuing the goal of making the content more engaging.

The thing that seems to delight readers most is the fact that the pages are French-folded and perforated. Break the perf, and every page opens up to reveal more content inside.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2001
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Stone Yamashita Partners
SYP team
Tom Andrews, Tara Bodden, Anne Bodel, Kat Cascone, Johnson Chow, Vasilia Emmanouilides, Jules Ellingson, Todd Holcomb, Allison Koch, Patty K. LaDuke, Jordan Lazovik, Lisa Maulhardt, Todd McPherson, Aura Oslapas, Lynda Preble, Jon Ritt, JoAnna Schull, Susan Schuman, Joe Stitzlein, Robert Stone, Liz Sutton, Keith Yamashita
Trim size
7 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches
Quantity printed
Interstate, Mrs. Eaves
Utopia II Book Matte 80 lb., Utopia II Gloss 60 lb. cover, Canson Satin Translucent 29 lb. text, Canson Satin Red 27 lb. text, Canson Satin Translucent 48 lb. text, Litmus Blue, Litmus Universal Orange, Popset Curious Cryogen White 80 lb. cover, Buckram blue cover
Binding method
Casebound, micro-perforated, French-fold
Stone Yamashita Partners