Poems for the New Century

Poems for the New Century

Aralia Press, West Chester, Pennsylvania, 1996


Poems for the New Century was published in conjunction with the Hand of the Poet exhibition at the New York Public Library. This exhibition of works from the Berg Collection highlighted manuscripts of 100 famous poets, including ten promising young poets. The portfolio, in keeping with the theme of the exhibition, is a contemporary rendering of an early manuscript: each poem title is set in Lutetia swash italics, which resembles a cursive hand, and is printed in a different color to echo the variety of color used in medieval rubrics; the text begins with an opening initial (Romulus Open, which is also used on the title page) and is followed by small caps; the paper, richly textured mould made Zerkall, was printed damp to ensure clarity of impression. The printed sheets are enclosed in a clamshell box, in the same manner one might store manuscripts. The classically derived design serves the text and encourages the reader to engage the poetry in a serene and reflective manner.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 1996
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Aralia Press
Michael Peich
Michael Peich
Rodney Phillips
Romulus Open, Lutetia, Lutetia Italic
Zerkall Mouldmade (printed damp)
Aralia Press (West Chester University)