• The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
  • A House Dividing, Lincoln as President Elect
  • A Note on the Discovery of a New Page of Poetry, in William Blake’s Milton
  • Tuesdays at Ten: A Recalling of Old Hours for Pennsylvania Men—Concrete Illustrations, Tangents, Asides
  • Men of Mathematics
  • Foreshadowings of Smith College: Selections from Letters of Louisa Dickinson to John Morton Greene 1856–1857, Prepared by Their Daughter Helen French Greene
  • A Day with the Cow Column in 1843 and Recollections of My Boyhood
  • California Packing Corporation Annual Report
  • Regional Rhymes of New York City
  • The Plains and the Rockies, A Bibliography of Original Narratives of Travel and Adventure, 1800–1865
  • Letters: Joseph Conrad to Richard Curle, Edited with an Introduction and Notes by R.C.
  • Soldiers of the Overland, Being some account of the services of General Patrick Edward Connor & his Volunteers in the Old West
  • John Mix Stanley and His Indian Paintings
  • Ace High, the Frisco Detective; Or, The Girl Sport’s Double Game. A story of the Sierra and the Golden Gate City
  • Surrealist Art: The Lindy and Edwin Bergman Collection
  • Bordertown