S.D. Warren Website
S.D. Warren Website
S.D. Warren Website
S.D. Warren Website

S.D. Warren Website

Siegel & Gale, New York, New York, 1995


S.D. Warren has always served as a source of information and inspiration for the graphic arts community, and we strove to create an online environment supporting that reputation. The site offers useful resources in a playful manner. Line art was used because it was inexpensive, quick to create, and image size was reasonable. Color palettes were limited to three or four bits, and a seemingly large background pattern was cleverly created with a mere 10 pixels. The site compliments our print work for S.D. Warren, but it has a life —and a personality— all its own.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 17 (1996)
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Website


Design firm
Siegel & Gale
Creative director
Cheryl Heller
Design director
Patrick O’Flaherty
Alex Ku, Tony Hahn
Barnes Tilney
Andrew Zolli, Kathleen Dolan, Tom Elia
S.D. Warrren Company