• Sir William Osler Aphorisms
  • The Invisible Glass
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Short Stories
  • The Tragedy of Hamlet
  • The Position of America and Other Essays
  • Galland’s Iowa Emigrant
  • The Earth is the Lord’s
  • Sonnets from the Portuguese
  • Boswell’s London Journal 1762–1763
  • The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Volume I. 1760–1776
  • The Illustrations from the Works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels
  • The History of American Sailing Ships
  • Remembrance of Amherst, An Undergraduate’s Diary, 1846–1848
  • The Letters of Benjamin Franklin & Jane Mecom (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 27)
  • Three Exemplary Novels