The Music Makers

The Music Makers

Design Guys, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1995


We had a small budget, but a client who was interested in exploring ideas. Public Radio International; markets its products to approximately 500 affiliate stations. Given this small number we knew we could reasonably produce of greater complexity than a flat imprint.
For a long time we had wanted to do something with a poster to make it more interactive, pull it out of two dimensions. This series of six distinctly different programs sold as a package proved to be the perfect opportunity. At a glance the overall message is relayed. Turning over the various colored flaps reveals each of the six programs in greater detail.

The most significant aspect of this piece is that it uses a device other than point size to sequentially deliver its message. And most importantly it is a practical, legible communication which perfectly suited all criteria and was produced on budget.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 17 (1996)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Posters, Promotion


Design firm
Design Guys
Art director
Steven Sikora
Graphic designer
Richard Boynton
Darrell Eager
Public Radio International
Ideal Printing
Lynn Schulte
French Paper (6 Types)
Public Radio International