The Body

The Body

Office of Paul Sahre, New York, New York, 2003


How far are we willing to go to stay young? This novel by Hanif Kureishi explores the possibilities in this provocative story of an older man who is offered the chance to trade in his sagging flesh for a much younger and more pleasing model. After making his selection, his brain is surgically placed into the younger body by a network of underground doctors. The man immediately embarks on an odyssey of hedonism, but soon finds himself regretting what he left behind and feeling guilt over the responsibilities he has ignored.

Nesting dolls, painted in various flesh tones, seemed appropriate for this cover. Photographing them from above further abstracts the dolls and at the same time gives them a strange phallic quality.

Juror Notes

“Quietly surreal and discomforting…” Cheryl Towler Weese

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2003
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book cover


Design firm
Office of Paul Sahre
Creative director
John Fulbrook III
Jacket designers
Paul Sahre, Tamara Shopsin
Paul Sahre
Production director
Olga Leonardo
Hanif Kureishi
Brant Rumble
Charles Scribner’s Sons
Trim size
5.5 x 8.4375”
Quantity printed
Jacket printer
Phoenix Color Corp.
80 lb. cover
Book type
Literature and nonfiction