2008 Health Catalogue

2008 Health Catalogue

Little & Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2008


Target knows that health and wellness is important to its core guests, and wished to build awareness of Target as the key destination providing all things good for you. An additional, no-less-challenging task was to convincingly leverage the theme “Long Live Happy” to show how a healthy lifestyle can be fun, fashionable and add to a happy home.

We created the following elements to establish Target as a friendly and trustworthy source of healthful information: we designed two seasonally relevant catalogues (October, kid-focused; January, Mom-focused) simultaneously to save time and reduce costs; we helped legitimize Target’s promotion of its health-related merchandise when the Center for Disease Control vetted our editorial content and quick tips; we intermingled throughout the catalogue easily accessible coupons for vendor products, which served as store trip drivers; and we reinforced the energetic tone of the copy with full-page lifestyle shots of family members engaging in healthy activities together (one photo showed Dad with bucket and sponge—young daughter hanging gleefully from his arm—positioned across from a page promoting organic cleaning products).

Our campaign to establish Target as the best source for healthy products was well received by the client.

Juror Notes

This raises the bar. 

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Direct mail, Promotion


Design firm
Little & Company
Creative director
Joe Cecere
Viet Do
Mary Lou Hidalgo, Dan Mackaman
Terry Doyle
Production artist
Nicole Phelps
Project manager
Sarah Hillstrom