TechWeb Brand Identity System

TechWeb Brand Identity System

MetaDesign, San Francisco, California, 1996


CMP TechWeb, a major Internet provider of technology news, selected MetaDesign to develop a brand identity system that would establish them as a major presence on the Internet, in direct competition with CLNet. Our brief was to create an identity that would position TechWeb as the leading provider of up-to-the-minute technology information aand “the place to go” for what is happening in the virtual world.

Our solution was a modular core identity, with simple typography and color palette, whose configuration can change and grow to accommodate the secondary nomenclature or descriptors that make sub-branding possible. Through the use of outline and solid type, interchangeable weights, and a flexible color palette, we were able to create distinctive sub-brand/destinations within the site that still fit within the system to build overall brand equity. We worked extensively to develop an overall site color palette that could expand with each path of the website to create a proprietary look and feel while still maintaining consistent navigation conventions.

Collections: Design of Understanding 2
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Information design
Format: Brand and identity systems, Brand identity, Website


Design firm
Creative directors
Terry Irwin, Rick Lowe
Michael Abbink
Information architect
Kevin Farnham
Interface designer
Kevin Farnham
Jym Warhol, Anne Warhol
Kevin Farnham, Jym Warhol
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