Windhover 2006
Windhover 2006
Windhover 2006
Windhover 2006
Windhover 2006
Windhover 2006
Windhover 2006

Windhover 2006

Friends Forever Club, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2006


For the 2006 edition of Windhover, the annual literary and arts publication of Raleigh’s North Carolina State University, Caroline Okun and Carolin Harris wanted to encourage collaboration, get back to basics and emphasize transparency throughout the entire design process.
The concept explored the power of the handmade vs. the computer-generated in a collective environment. Two cover-making events open to all university affiliates were held, resulting in 2,000 unique book covers.
The content of Windhover ’06 was composed exclusively from student, faculty and staff submissions. An eager community response to the cover design further fueled the artistic direction. An exposed binding, Chicago screws and personal involvement in creating the covers emphasized craft and diminished preciousness. A good deal of anticipation led up to the release date; participants waited anxiously to see their creations incorporated into the actual books. Dialogue between editor, reader and designer was encouraged at all points during the project. This conversation, along with the designers’ construct of community and play, provided an immediate accessibility for the student and faculty audience.

Juror Notes

“Students love making design so much. I remember what that feels like all over again because of work like this.”

Collections: AIGA 365: 28 (2007)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Illustration, Magazine


Design firm
Friends Forever Club
Creative director
Caroline Okun
Art director
Carolin Harris
Carolin Harris, Caroline Okun
Carolin Harris
Lauren Gould, Britt Hayes
Theo Davis Printing
Printing method
4/C offset
Binding method
Exposed binding, Chicago screws
Kraftpak Cover, Cougar Smooth Text 70 lb.
North Carolina State University