On the Fabric of the Human Body, Book I: The Bones and Cartilages

On the Fabric of the Human Body, Book I: The Bones and Cartilages

Norman Publishing, San Francisco, California, 1997


At 12 x 16.5 inches, the Latin version of On the Fabric of the Human Body contains hundreds of marginal references and several full-page woodcuts. The design challenge for this first English translation was to create a format that was both legible and economical to print, while essentially conserving the look of the original. The 9 x 12 inch standard trim allowed us to print almost all the illustrations at full size, include the marginal references, and add new scholarly references. Printed on acid-free Mohawk paper, this limited edition provides an essential and lasting contribution to Renaissance, medicine, and art scholarship.

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Design firm
Norman Publishing
Graphic designer
Steve Renick (Anselm Design)
Andreas Vesalius
Bembo, Centaur/Monotype Typography Ltd.
Electronic typesetter
Paul Benkman (Tiki Bob Publishing and Design)
Thomson-Shore, Inc.
Mohawk Superfine Softwhite Eggshell 80#
Norman Publishing