Living Proof Brand Identity
Living Proof Brand Identity
Living Proof Brand Identity
Living Proof Brand Identity
Living Proof Brand Identity

Living Proof Brand Identity

Wolff Olins, New York, New York, 2008


Living Proof was created for the purpose of applying advanced technology to solve the toughest beauty challenges. Living Proof is composed of a team of scientists from outside the beauty industry, led by MIT Institute professor Dr. Robert Langer, and beauty authorities alike, who share a vision: to invent efficient formulas based on entirely new molecules and breakthrough technologies that create results you can see from across the room.

Our design challenge was to create a brand that stands apart from all other beauty brands. As each one of Living Proof’s products is completely unique and solution-specific, we developed a packaging system that would mimic that—each form is exclusive to a particular solution, and the system will expand with the addition of future product lines. These forms will grow into a diverse collection of shapes and sizes as the company adds new products, but will always stay rooted by material selection and color palette. In addition to creating the brand and the packaging forms, we also named the product and created a messaging construct for expressing product benefits and increasing shopability.

Juror Notes

Gorgeous from beginning to end: color, type, materials. Very well done. Really detailed, disciplined brand book; playfulness in the print materials. 

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Brand and identity systems, Program


Design firm
Wolff Olins
Creative director
Todd Simmons
Tiziana Haug, Sung Kim, Peter Sunna
Tiziana Haug
Production director
Beth Kovalsky
Production manager
Michele Miller
Barbara Spakowski & Associates
Carmine Montalto, Mary Ellen Muckerman
Content strategist
Mary Ellen Muckerman
Project managers
Veronica Otto, Erin Roh
Structural designer
Wolff Olins
Master Digital (guidelines book), Toppan (card pack)
Printing methods
Offset lithography (card pack), Indigo Digital Press (guidelines book)
Master Digital
Montauk Gloss 111 lb. + 11.4 pt Invercote c2s white matte (card pack), Finch Fine Bright White 100 lb. C + 80 lb. T (guidelines book)
Asia Dispensing (caps), M&H Plastics USA (bottle)
DTL Documenta
Living Proof