The Hype about Hydrogen

The Hype about Hydrogen

Julie Metz Design, Cold Spring, New York, 2003


Joseph Romm’s book needed a cover that appealed to a general audience, including anyone interested in hydrogen as an alternate and clean form of energy— an important and topical subject. The book has some technical aspects but is easily accessible. An expert debunks myths about hydrogen. The designer wanted to say “clean energy” with this cover. The raised lamination gave the jacket tactility. How to get approval for a design without a title on the cover? Patience. Some members of the approval committee were scared. The title is big on the spine and the back, however.

This jacket has helped publicity market the book and the press. A striking, intelligent design without a title gives attention to Island Press, not just the book.

Juror Notes

“A refreshing and spirited solution for a scientific subject. A bold design; the combination of yellow front and blue case is inviting. The spine and back cover do a disservice to the front.” Isabel Warren-Lynch
“Great cover. Did a really good job for a serious book of nonfiction. Diagrams are not bad. Well done for the budget. It’s very unusual in its marketplace.”

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2003
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book cover


Design firm
Julie Metz Design
Creative director
Teresa Bonner
Art director
Teresa Bonner
Jacket designers
Julie Metz, Milan Bozic
Production director
Anna Nunan
Production coordinator
Meg Weaver
Joseph J. Romm
Todd Baldwin
Island Press
Trim size
6 x 9”
Quantity printed
Audrey Smith
Trade Gothic Condensed
Jacket printer
Jaguar Advanced Graphics
Perfection Antique recycled paper 50 lb., 400 ppi
Book type
Literature and nonfiction