Superdrug Specialist Vitamin Supplements Packaging

Superdrug Specialist Vitamin Supplements Packaging

Turner Duckworth, San Francisco, California, 1997


The existing Superdrug vitamin range was confusing and inconsistent with the desired Superdrug personality, i.e., quality combined with fun and approachability. Given the complexity within the range, the design task was to create a simple system that could accommodate a vast product range—single vitamins, multi-vitamins, with added vitamins, children’s vitamins, plus a more premium range commanding a higher price.

The solution was to create a design system made up of simple vitamin shapes (tablets or capsules). The shapes are superimposed on a super-vibrant color signposting system that used a new print technology. The communication hierarchy was then simplified and made consistent across the range. The end result being range that is easier to shop, easier to understand, and sings on the shelf.

In addition to the original carton shape, a new bottle shape was designed with a unique cap closure. The cap is helpful to the older generation, particularly arthritics, in that the can use a pen or similar item to open; it can also be used as a hanging device.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 19 (1998)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package


Design firm
Turner Duckworth
Creative directors
Bruce Duckworth, David Turner
Graphic designer
Bruce Duckworth
Justin De Lavinson
Product designer
Graph Thompson/Product First