AR Lithographers Poster
AR Lithographers Poster
AR Lithographers Poster

AR Lithographers Poster

Sackett Design Associates, San Francisco, California, 1996


AR Lithographers is a Bay Area printer that had installed a new printing press. They asked us to create a teaser/mailer poster for their corporate clients and the various designers they wanted to work with. The poster referred to the stress and anxiety of producing projects during the busy holiday season and suggested that it was “no time to have to question your choice of printers.”

When the poster was turned over, it showed an illustration of the crazed client/designer and showcased the printer’s ability to print in multiple passes on the press. Both sides of the poster used varnishes, one of which contained hundreds of small doodles covering the entire illustration.

The poster was then die-cut into the oval shape to increase its visual appeal. The project was successful because it generated a tremendous response, increased business for the printer, and enticed viewers to turn the poster over and explore the various doodles in the varnish.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 18 (1997)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Illustration
Format: Illustration, Posters, Promotion


Design firm
Sackett Design Associates
Creative director
Mark Sackett
Graphic designers
Wayne Sakamoto, James Sakamoto
Bob Kolar
Pierre-Yves Goavec
AR Lithographers
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AR Lithographers