Li-Ning Retail Design
Li-Ning Retail Design
Li-Ning Retail Design
Li-Ning Retail Design
Li-Ning Retail Design
Li-Ning Retail Design
Li-Ning Retail Design

Li-Ning Retail Design

Ziba Design, Portland, Oregon, 2009


Once one of the most successful Chinese athletic brands, Li-Ning faced pressure from international brands new to the country, emerging local competitors and a new generation of consumers. With its market share slipping, Li-Ning knew it needed to make changes to regain its position. Ziba worked with Li-Ning to help understand its target consumer, redefine its brand promise and design a retail experience to become relevant to a new generation in China.

Four months of intensive research gave us insight into these new consumers. Chinese youth wanted cultural cues to guide them to meaningful experiences. For them, sport is more a modern expression and social endeavor than a path to individual success. The Li-Ning retail experience had to evoke Chinese heritage while conveying modernity and an understanding of the role sport plays in today’s China.

Stores are envisioned as social hubs where Chinese youth can shop in groups, play and discover new products. Stadium bleachers and centrally located fitting rooms facilitate social interaction. A dedicated shoe studio encourages shoppers to try on shoes together. An interactive gaming wall invites shoppers to test their athletic skills and provides product recommendations to support the way they play.

Juror Notes

This entry was well thought through, from the store planning and fixturing down to the smallest detail: the shopping bag. Integrated graphic backdrops balanced with an installation of sports equipment created an immersive experience for a generation of sports enthusiasts.

Based on a large amount of research, it does a great job of hitting target market. Beautifully executed.

Collections: AIGA 365: 31 (2010)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Format: Brand identity


Design firm
Ziba Design
Creative directors
Elizabeth Blades, Jeremy Kaye
Art directors
Jonathan Irick, Eric Lawrence
Insook Huh, Kan and Lau Design, Yoshiko Shimono, Nonnie Wong
Interactive designers
AV&C, Mike Lemmon
Derryck Menere
Project managers
Jennifer Weathers, Lili Yeo
Wibke Fleischer, Abby Margolis