Eric Owen Moss: The Box

Eric Owen Moss: The Box

plus design inc., Boston, Massachusetts, 1996


In Culver City, California, visionary architect Eric Owen Moss has designed a series of commercial buildings that energize the predictable skyline of this city, where low flat-roofed buildings house light industrial activity. One of his buildings, known as The Box, combines geometry and sculptural qualities while investigating the function of its parts from both the interior and exterior. These formal and functional concepts are also expressed in the book’s design. The complexity and clarity of this project is reflected in the text, images, drawings, and interviews documented in the book.
Vellum paper was selected to articulate the dialogue conveyed through the use of typography and the geometric layout. In presenting the building photographs, the design recedes, allowing the images to be the single voice. Similarly, the architect’s sketches are directly presented and accompanying construction documents are reproduced at scale.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 1996
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
plus design inc.
Art director/designer
Anita Meyer
Paul Aroh, Todd Conversano, Frank Jackson
Mack Scogin, Peter G. Rowe, Preston Scott Cohen, Herbert Muschamp, Brooke Hodge
Corporate Font Family
Mercantile Printing Company
Monadnock Dulcet Smooth, Domtar Natural
Harvard University Graduate School of Design