MTV Online Where’s the Beat Web Page

MTV Online Where’s the Beat Web Page

MTV Online, New York, New York, 1995


This site offers a database of music information for cities throughout the USA. Users can locate record stores, clubs and radio stations by selecting a city. This page shows a 3-D model of the United States texture mapped by a photo of a sirloin steak. This concept takes the humorous idea that there is similarity between the shape of the United States and a steak. And incorporates it into interface design. The humorous elements of the where’s the beat page, serve to entertain the user as he/she browses through an otherwise boring database. With the use of cool interface design, the sometimes arduous task of information gathering can be less boring and maybe even fun for the user.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 17 (1996)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Digital imaging, Information graphic, Website


Design firm
MTV Online
Art director
Manabu Inada
Creative director
Allie Eberhardt
Graphic designer
Josh Nichols