Prada New York epicenter digital mirrors

Prada New York epicenter digital mirrors

Linked by Air, Brooklyn, New York, 2006


Eleven flat-panel screens throughout Prada’s New York store have traditionally shown pre-recorded video of fashion shows and other similar content. Our goal was to turn these into live images of the customers in front of the screens. We attached video cameras to each screen and created 11 different computer programs to transform and twist customers’ images in beautiful and fun ways as they move past.

Juror Notes

“High-end fashion is all about distorting one’s image of self. It is therefore fitting that this series of video mirrors presents altered views of each shopper at the Prada store. Also, there is a lovely playfulness in the fact that shoppers are shown distorted reflections of themselves as they try on expensive clothing, so their decision about whether to buy cannot be based on how the clothing looks, but only on the fact that it says Prada. This wonderfully expresses the brand’s preference for image over reality.”

Collections: AIGA 365: 28 (2007)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Exhibit, Graphical interface


Design firm
Linked by Air
Tamara Maletic, Dan Michaelson
2x4 Inc., Prada