Addis Creson, Berkeley, Lathrop, California, 2010


Project brief: California Natural Products came to us with a request to help launch their new product, Svelte, within the crowded nutritional-beverage category. To get on shelves and into shopping carts, we knew we had to make a big impression on busy, diet-conscious women seeking nutrition in the midst of a hectic day. Our work entailed not only creating a memorable package design for Svelte but also validating their existing strategy, providing verbal branding direction and developing an identity system.

Approach: To engage our target demographic, we played up the ideas of empathy and personal connection while managing not to diminish the product’s convenience and health benefits. The result was a design with a confident, playful personality featuring a vibrant talk bubble with an engaging message. To complement this graphic, we used a clean, simple line that ensured the package would stand out from the competition.

Effectiveness: During pre-launch press briefings, sales calls and trade shows, Svelte enjoyed a high level of interest and excitement. In addition to its all-natural ingredients and great taste, the product’s distinctive package design and identity had retailers across the country eager to place it on their shelves. Following the Natural Products Expo West show, Clark Driftmier, the vice president of marketing and sales for California Natural Products, shared this reaction: “You guys are rock stars. The packaging was a gigantic and total hit at the Expo. Multiple comments that it’s the best packaging bar none. And since Expo is the ‘big tamale’ of natural and organic, it puts your package at the very top of the industry.”

We’re very pleased to have partnered in the creation of this new product and will be proudly following its growth.

Juror Notes

The benefit of the product is the first read. Communicative and fresh.

Collections: AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package, Product


Design firm
Addis Creson, Berkeley
Creative director
John Creson
Art director
Mily Nguyen
Production director
Jonathan Fisher
Tom Parrette
Project manager
Mark Galbraith
California Natural Products