Arhoma’s bread bag
Arhoma’s bread bag
Arhoma’s bread bag
Arhoma’s bread bag
Arhoma’s bread bag

Arhoma’s bread bag

Ekorce atelier créatif, Montreal, Quebec, 2009


Arhoma is a gourmet store that brings together cheese, meat and baked goods under one roof. Its dedication to promoting the health of the community extends to its encouragement of organic farming and demand for environmentally friendly behavior from its suppliers.

The mandate given to Écorce was to transform Arhoma’s branding and apply this transformed identity to aspects of the store like stationery, packaging and promotional items. The revitalized brand now focuses on conveying the store’s ethical and environmental values while also displaying the store’s friendly atmosphere and playfulness. An almost perfect synthesis is found in the catchphrase: “Walking, running, jogging: how will you come?” Arhoma gained further exposure through the original, distinctive bags in which they started to sell their baked breads.

This new identity as the go-to place for the young urban gourmand helped Arhoma gain credibility among potential vendors who in turn agreed to carry their products. Arhoma also profited from the exposure it received in cooking periodicals. The store’s newfound popularity has enabled it to double its store size in a short amount of time.

Juror Notes

I’m a sucker for packaging with a window where the product fills a shape. I admit it. You had me at “Bread City.”

A bread bag that engages: how perfectly swell.

Collections: AIGA 365: 31 (2010)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package, Shopping bag


Design firm
Ekorce atelier créatif
Creative director
Karl-Frederic Anctil
Art director
Isabelle Philippe
Daniel Raiche