MTV Online Buzz Clips

MTV Online Buzz Clips

MTV Online, New York, New York, 1995


MTV Online’s Buzz Clips page reflects MTV’s Buzz Clips. They’re music videos that the channel would like its audience to “take special notice of.” MTV Online supports the channel’s concept with the Buzz Clip web page with downloadable music video clips. The Buzz clips home page is one of the most cutting edge graphical interface designs of the MTV online web site. The page shows an abstract image of a honey bee. In one way, the image obviously brings to mind the “buzzing” sound of a bee. In a more abstract sense, the bee image and especially the buzzing that it implies are meant to symbolize the “buzz” sound associated with television static. It is a comparison between technology and animal instinct. The concept was influenced by various cyber punk novels and movies. The metallic and mechanical shape of the bee was made using 3-D computer graphics and photo collage. The graphic elements serve to emphasize and improve the futuristic qualities of the visual concept. The buzz clips home page, as a whole, succeeds in visually representing not only the channel’s concept but also MTV online’s own style and identity.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 17 (1996)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Digital imaging, Promotion, Website


Design firm
MTV Online
Art director
Manabu Inada
Creative director
Allie Eberhardt
Graphic designer
Manabu Inada