• Circus Shoes
  • Letters to and from Madame du Deffand and Julie de Lespinasse
  • Kongo the Elephant
  • A Scotch Paisano, Hugo Reid’s Life in California, 1832–1852, Derived from His Correspondence
  • The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor: From the Arabian Nights Entertainments, Woodcuts by Philip Reed
  • The Heritage of America
  • Types, Borders and Miscellany of Taylor & Taylor, with historical brevities on their derivation and use
  • Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe, Translated from the Greek by Warren E. Blake, Associate Professor of Greek, University of Michigan
  • A Girl Who Would Be Queen, The Story and the Diary of the Young Countess Krasinska
  • An Index to English, A Handbook of Current Usage and Style by Porter G. Perrin of Colgate University
  • Next Steps in Consumer Education, Proceedings of a National Conference on Consumer Education Held at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, April 3, 4, & 5, 1939
  • Ship of Fools, An Original Leaf from the First Edition of Alexander Barclay’s English translation of Sebastian Brant’s “Ship of Fools,” printed by Richard Pynson in 1509
  • Home–School–Community Relations, A Textbook in the Theory and Practice of Public School Relations
  • New Helvetia Diary, A Record of Events Kept by John A. Sutter and his Clerks at New Helvetia, California, from September 9, 1845, to May 25, 1848
  • Picasso: Forty Years of His Art, edited by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. with two statements by the artist, in collaboration with the Art institute of Chicago
  • Don Quixote de la Mancha, Adapted from the Motteux translation of the text of Miguel de Cervantes by Leighton Barret and illustrated with drawings by Warren Chappell
  • Naval Sketches of the War in California, Reproducing Twenty-Eight Drawings made in 1846–47 by William H. Meyers, Gunner on the U.S. Sloop-of-War Dale
  • Language Arts for Modern Youth