The Story of American Democracy

The Story of American Democracy

Robert Josephy, New York, New York, 1942


Juror Notes

I had to get past the dull and tasteless cover, and into the inside of this book, before I realized its special quality. It is a textbook, intended for use by school children. I would like to go back to school now, not only in order to escape the cares of the world, but in order that I might do my learning out of textbooks as wonderfully well prepared as this one.

The type of the text is brave and bold and readable, the typographic ornamentation is bold and pleasing, many diverse units are gathered by the designer into a splendid unification.

There is a wondrous quality about this textbook. It seems to me that the child who picks it up must become interested immediately in the scheme of the illustrations and the clear presentation of the subject. I think it more than “interesting,” I think it exciting, that the publishers of our textbooks are beginning to discover the sales value of good book design.

George Macy

Collections: Fifty Books of the Year (1943)
Repository: Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book