Carbon Monoxide, poster

Carbon Monoxide, poster

Henry Russell, Alfred Perry, 1971


Juror Notes

The artist has created a nice colorist adventure here. And
that becomes the problem. This is presumably an anti-
pollution poster. But the only unpleasant thing you see is
the kid's jaundiced eyes. The gas mask looks like fun. The
dead bird is still curiously resplendent and also delightfully
wacky. The air doesn't seem so much afflicted by pollution
as in the throes of a wonderful fuchsia frolic. The artist
calls upon the viewer to exercise his sense of irony . . .
which in social protest art is almost invariably a way of
having fun while insisting that you're really being serious
(a bid for high marks in Heaven).
— Tom Wolfe

Collections: Communication Graphics (1972)
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Advertisement, Posters, Promotion