Thy Rod and Thy Staff, poster

Thy Rod and Thy Staff, poster

Meyer & Rosenthal, Inc., 1971


Juror Notes

This by contrast, with Phillip Leonian's poster, is a social
protest poster that attempts to meet its subject head-on, in
terms of the graphics, by appealing directly to the emotions
of shock, horror, disgust, resentment. A strong photo, with
a terrific feeling of movement and force. Even here,
however, irony is used, in the caption. Secret message: "I
don't just protest—I'm also hip." In fact, the caption may
have a double irony for photographers and art directors.
Why is it that in almost all good action photos from riots
we see the bulging backs of policemen who are committinq
mayhem? This is a multiple choice question (check one):

a. Cops are brutal.

b. In riot situations virtually all photographers, whether
New Left, Old Hearst or a-political, huddle behind the
cops and once the action starts, rarely experience any
overpowering curiosity about other camera angles.

—Tom Wolfe

Collections: Communication Graphics (1972)
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Posters