Che's Afterlife

Che's Afterlife

Vintage Books, New York, New York, 2009


For the design of this smart, wide-ranging investigation into the history and ongoing life of a single iconic image, Alberto Korda’s oft-reproduced photograph of Che Guevera, I gleefully took the obvious cue. Kudos to the author, Michael Casey, for being enthusiastic about the concept and having the moxie to forego having his name on the cover.

Juror Notes

The egg-yolk yellow, silver color scheme and lack of type on the cover grabs your attention. The image is so iconic that no type is needed to communicate with the viewer.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2009
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book cover


Design firm
Vintage Books
Art director
John Gall
Mark Abrams