Falling For Her poster

Falling For Her poster

Edward Tamez, San Antonio, Texas, 2000


I was asked by a friend to design some posters for a series of plays written by one of her colleagues. The plays dealt with various issues affecting young adults. Falling For Her depicts a man wandering through life searching for the answers to his obsession with the opposite sex. Since these posters were to be distributed on local college campuses, they needed to make a strong visual impact and attract the attention of this young demographic audience. The use of simple line illustrations set on a solid field of color cuts through the usual advertising clutter and gives the posters a strong visual presence.

Collections: AIGA 365: 22 (2001)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Posters


Design firm
Edward Tamez
Art director/designer
Edward Tamez
Edward Tamez
Gloria Prieto
Trade Gothic Light, Trade Gothic Bold no. 2
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