Kru Khmer Bath Salt

Kru Khmer Bath Salt

Graphaus, Astoria, New York, 2009


Kru Khmer is a fair-trade company that produces the very first natural, high-end Cambodian-made spa line, geared predominantly toward tourists. Kru Khmer uses Cambodian natural herbs and ingredients. Bath salt is one of their signature products, which is marketed throughout Siem Reap, famous for the heritage site Angkor Wat. The company hires local people, especially homeless, refugees and women from poor villages.

We wanted the packaging to look modern and sophisticated yet maintain the feel of Cambodia’s nature and tradition. We used subtle shades from papers dyed with watercolor instead of flat colors and added simple organic illustrations of ingredients. Each bath-salt package is carefully packaged and handcrafted by employees of Kru Khmer.

Juror Notes

Uncomplicated and efficient yet very appealing.

Collections: AIGA 365: 31 (2010)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Label


Design firm
Creative director
Yuko Nakajima
Art director
Yuko Nakajima
Yuko Nakajima
Kru Khmer