Geron 1996 Annual Reports (Large and Small Formats)

Geron 1996 Annual Reports (Large and Small Formats)

Bill Cahan & Associates, San Francisco, California, 1997


Geron is working to discover drugs that will provide therapies for age-related diseases such as cancer. Our approach in designing the large-format book was to embrace the idea that breakthroughs in science can lead to a healthier life. The combination of microscope images of cells next to portraits of senior athletes conveys this idea. The importance of the issue is highlighted in a section in which people respond to the question, “What does getting old mean to you?” Geron research programs are shown as informal sketches meant to feel as if the scientists had drawn them while talking to the reader.

Meant to accompany the annual report or live on its own, the pocket-size book also asks the question, “What does getting old mean to you?” Photos of the respondents and their answers are highlighted throughout the book. Readers are given a chance to participate by answering on a tear-out reply postcard.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 19 (1998)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Booklet


Design firm
Bill Cahan & Associates
Creative director
Bill Cahan
Graphic designer
Bob Dinetz
Lorraine Maschler, Bob Dinetz
Etta Clark, William Mercer McLeod, Geron Corporation
Carole Melis
Rosewood Fill, Trade Gothic
Alan Lithograph
Lexan Mylar, Endeavor Velvet Cover & Book, Champion Benefit Chalk Vellum
Geron Corporation