Bottle, SKYY 90 vodka

Bottle, SKYY 90 vodka

Landor Associates, San Francisco, California, 2004


SKYY 90 demonstrates the power of partnering with a client at the inception of an idea and shows that a consumer brand is more than just a package. We developed a look and feel that informs all brand touch points, as seen in the SKYY 90 primary pack, gift boxes, shippers, print and collateral, advertising and digital branding.

Inspired by modern design influences (architecture, product design, typography), we set out to break the category cues of frosted bottles, overdecoration and visual gimmicks that crowd the spirits brandscape. We developed a unique bottle structure influenced by a clear bubble on its way to the surface, which visually represents the 100 percent–purity aspect of the SKYY 90 brand. The interaction of straight lines and curved surfaces, and the contrast of materials, such as cosmetic-grade glass from Austria and the nickel-polished closure, introduce the principle of tension—a concept/element commonly seen in good modern architecture and product design. Details designed to enhance the consumer experience include the fired-on decoration, the weights added to the closure to convey a luxurious experience after opening, and the use of the blue painted circle in the bottom of each bottle, which creates retail theater, as most premium bars are bottom-lit. As the primary experience of this brand was to be on-premise and most brands in this venue are 1-liter bottles, we learned from bartenders the difficulty of pouring some of the bottles with long necks and heavy bottoms in the category. Our new bottle has received great reviews by bartenders on ease of pourability.

SKYY 90 is the only 100 percent pure vodka designed with a higher aesthetic to deliver the modern martini experience to those of discriminating sophistication and style, connecting them to the world of modern design and luxury cultural trends.

Collections: AIGA 365: 26 (2005)
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package


Design firm
Landor Associates
Creative director
Nicolas Aparicio
Andrew Keene, Anastasia Laksmi
Michael Friel
Production director
Layne Moon
Production artist
Matthew Iles
Project manager
Alicia Goldman
Structural designer
Cameron Imani
Stolzle-Oberglas, Austria
Printing method
Applied ceramic inks
Stolzle-Oberglas, Austria
Helvetica Neue
Sky Spirits