In Black and White: The Life of Sammy Davis Jr.

In Black and White: The Life of Sammy Davis Jr.

Alfred A. Knopf Publishers, New York, New York, 2003


After looking through piles of boring, poorly lit, close-up studio portraits of Sammy Davis Jr. that did nothing to capture his dynamic and spirited essence, I was ecstatic to come across this photograph, which to me says it all—which is why I kept the typography as simple and unobtrusive as possible.

Juror Notes

“This could have been so cheesy—gold foil embossing over blown photo with glossy lamination—but instead it is tasteful, elegant and subtle and yet still does not exclude the expected audience for this book, even gives them more credit aesthetically than is generally believed.” Archie Ferguson “Sometimes less is more—a classy way to handle a celebrity biography. The group did think that the red spine fought with the front and back, though.” Isabel Warren-Lynch

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Format: Book cover


Design firm
Alfred A. Knopf Publishers
Art director
Carol Devine Carson
Jacket designer
Abby Weintraub
John Springer Collection/Corbis
Production director
Andy Hughes
Production coordinator
Tracy Cabanis
Wil Haygood
Peter Gethers
Alfred A. Knopf Publishers
Trim size
6.5 x 9.5”
Coral Graphics
Book type
Literature and nonfiction