• “Cool, Man, Cool—”
  • “23 Skidoo Kiddo”
  • “This is a portrait of Sylvester Higgins, Jr.”
  • “Tomorrow is Clean-up Day”
  • News, booklet
  • The Operating Room Must be Stainless, envelope
  • "I like you just the way you are."
  • “Go Ahead!  Have Yourself a Color Fling!”
  • “Boom!”
  • Rx, To Be Taken as Directed, mailer
  • Steel Product of the Month, folder
  • “You’re looking at the two cleanest things in a kitchen”
  • “Millicent, where DO you get your millinery?”
  • “Alcoa Forecast, Hors d’oeuvre Tree Advertisement”
  • “All Filled With College Clothes From Cox’s”
  • “Watermelons in mid-winter?”
  • Symposium
  • “Forecast: There’s a World of Aluminum…(Wall Mosaic)”