• A Centennial—Lehman Brothers, 1850–1950
  • The Terrible Gustave Doré
  • In the Clearing
  • Our Inexhaustible Resources
  • The Recorder and the Transverse Plate
  • Pierson College 1933–1943
  • The Shrines of Tut-Ankh-Amon
  • Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters
  • Sonnets and Lyrics
  • The Indiana Home
  • Twelfth Report to the Fellows of the Pierpont Morgan Library 1962
  • Chinese Calligraphy and Painting in the Collection of John M. Crawford, Jr.
  • Thumbelina
  • Some Odes of Pindar (The Poets of the Year Series)
  • An Evening with Ninon, A Didactic Poem containing a translation of Racine’s Bernice