Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, Michigan , 2010


Project brief: Objectives, SAYL Contract Brochure (by Herman Miller Brand Marketing): 1) tell a story and remain true to the project’s key messages: 3-D intelligent technology, elegant anywhere, eco-dematerialized design, attainable now; and 2) elevate the standard, take our existing brochure template up a level and make it inspirational in addition to informational.

Objectives, SAYL Retail Brochure (by Concept A): 1) tell the SAYL story with a consumer-focused approach; 2) create a piece that showcases the story and the portfolio and works as a leave-behind for a retailer.

Objectives, SAYL Storyteller (by Fuseproject): 1) inspirational preview to SAYL; 2) generate interest and buzz for the launch; 3) limited quantities combined with high-quality design elevates it to a collectible level; 4) elevate a print piece to a tactile piece using visual graphics and varying textures throughout—as much about the touch as about the visual.

Target audiences: North American architects and designers, industry influencers, buyers, Herman Miller field sales, Herman Miller A+D representatives, dealer sales. Successful metrics: sales, media impressions, amount of brochures ordered. Approach: The SAYL chair represents a new offering for our customers: a new, lower-cost task-chair alternative that is light, ergonomic, technologically advanced and eco-dematerialized. The storyteller (oversize format) uses a collage technique to document the thought process that designer Yves Behar went through from concept to finished product. The contract brochure (8.5 x 11) pushed our existing brochure format to a higher level of design and creativity, inspired by the storyteller. To reach out to the retail part of our business, we also developed a smaller, square-format brochure that focused on the main selling features for the consumer market.

Effectiveness: The SAYL chair and accompanying campaign and printed materials have received worldwide press coverage. The contract brochure currently has the highest number of orders of all of our seating brochures and has already been reprinted in response to the high demand. Pre-orders for the SAYL chair are above projected levels.

Juror Notes

Gorgeous chair. They don’t shy away from making it sexy. Storytelling and process is great. Every bit of it is perfect. We want this chair!

Collections: AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Brochure


Design firm
Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, Michigan
Art director
Amber Fritcher-Tippet
Christopher Barrett
Production director
Marlene Capotosto
Randall Braaksma
Project manager
Laura Amrhein