Beckett Advertisement

Beckett Advertisement

Petrick Design, Chicago, Illinois, 1998


The audience was designers, printers, and paper merchants. The objective was to raise awareness of the Beckett name, the new logo and new tagline. We were asked to use actual Beckett paper and create the ad as an insert.

Our solution was inspired by the new tagline: Beckett. Spec It. It is a patchwork quilt of all the colors in the Beckett line, perforated into small sections to achieve the effect of a sheet of spec chips. The paper colors are four-color simulations of actual paper stock colors.

The ad is unique in that is has no headline, no body copy, and no photo or illustration. Yet the backside has 84 logos and taglines. Production challenges included creating the ad in various trim sizes and approximating 84 color with four-color process within one page.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 20 (1999)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Advertisement, Promotion


Design firm
Petrick Design
Art director
Robert Petrick
Robert Petrick, Dave Wozniak
Frutiger, Perpetua
Lithographix, Inc.
Beckett Super Smooth Expression Iceberg 65# Cover
Beckett Papers