• Mount Analogue
  • “Bardley makes a dramatic splash”
  • Norton’s Star Atlas
  • Japan, As Photographed by Werner Bischof
  • The Civil War as They Knew It
  • The Darling Daisy Affair
  • Spectacles
  • A Little House of Your Own
  • Paul & Arthur Search for the Egg
  • A World of Vegetable Cookery
  • Wit’s End
  • Matthew Brady and His World
  • Aldus Pius Manutius, With an Essay, Together with a leaf from the Aldine Hypnerotomachia Poliphili printed at Venice in 1499
  • Fake!
  • Wings
  • The American Heritage Cookbook
  • Thirty-second Annual of Advertising and Editorial Art: Compiled by the Art Directors Club of New York