The Best of Flair

The Best of Flair

Joel Avirom, New York, New York, 1996


Flair magazine existed for a brief twelve issues from February 1950 to January 1951. With its die-cut step-back covers, insert booklets, and foldouts, it was a magazine far ahead of its time. Fleur Cowles’s innovative ideas are still discussed in graphic design courses and the magazines continue to fetch high prices when they can be found.

Rather than doing another coffeetable book simulating the special effects, HarperCollins chose to do a facsimile of the magazine and spared no expense in re-creating the excitement and impact of the original issues. The twelve issues were examined and the articles and artwork were chosen for their timeliness. The book contains five of the famous covers, five self-contained booklets, and numerous foldouts and cutouts.

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Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Joel Avirom
Creative director
Joseph Montebello
Joel Avirom
Palace Press
157 gsm Matte Art Paper
HarperCollins Publishers