• A Soldier’s Manuscript
  • Opus V
  • The Form of Consecrations of St. George’s Chapel
  • Standard Book of Common Prayer (Revision of 1928)
  • All About Mother Goose
  • Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw, A Correspondence
  • Mark Twain’s Burlesque Autobiography
  • Notes on The Merrymount Press and Its Work
  • The Three Wayfarers: A Play in One Act
  • The Fables of Jean De La Fontaine
  • Saint Peter Relates an Incident of the Resurrection Day
  • Pineapples of Finest Flavor, or A Selection of Sundry Unpublished Letters of the English Roscius, David Garrick
  • An Original Leaf, from the Bible of the Revolution, and an Essay concerning it, Colonial Edition
  • Piratical Barbarity, or The Female Captive: Comprising the particulars of the capture of the English sloop Eliza-Ann, on her passage from St. Johns to Antigua, & the horrid massacre of the unfortunate crew by the Pirates, March 12th, 1825