MTV Business Card
MTV Business Card
MTV Business Card
MTV Business Card
MTV Business Card
MTV Business Card
MTV Business Card

MTV Business Card

MTV Networks’ Creative Services, MTV Off-Air Creative, New York, New York, 2010


Project brief: MTV, a brand known for continually reinventing itself, wanted to reinvent the idea of a business card by letting each of its employees create their own unique personalized cards through a custom website that reflected the company’s newly redesigned logo and on-air look.

Approach: We chose a multidisciplinary creative team for this project, including website developers, a graphic designer, a copywriter and a project manager. The team brainstormed how to best implement the client’s goals, with the focus being on creating a positive user experience and living up to the expectations of creative, cutting-edge MTV employees. We then worked collaboratively to execute the goals within the client’s time frame and budgetary limitations. Choosing the appropriate vendor to print the cards was also a primary concern. We needed to find a printer who had the flexibility to produce multiple runs over an extended period of time, and whose final product met the exacting standards of our client.

Effectiveness: Our client was thrilled with the project. The site launched to the entire employee base—nearly 1,000 employees nationwide—and the response was extremely positive. The site seamlessly incorporates the channel’s new on-air look with a clean, black-and-white aesthetic, with the MTV logo front and center and with an image contained inside the M. Giving employees ownership of their business cards allows employees to make the MTV brand their own and encourages their individuality, resulting in increased morale and loyalty to the company. The website will save the company thousands of dollars in printing costs by streamlining and automating the process, and reducing the paperwork formerly involved in the production of business cards. The project has an environmental benefit as well, because the printer we selected is known for its sustainability efforts and has won numerous environmental awards and accolades. All of the company’s energy comes from renewable sources (such as wind, solar, hydro and biomass). It is also certified in sustainable forestry standards and has state-of-the-art recycling and environmental programs.

Juror Notes

The system is a really nice way to engage employees around the brand. They used the opportunity of rebranding to re-engage employees by giving them ownership. A variety of images represents the diversity of the people.

Nice idea of system to engage employees around new brand. A simple way to introduce new system to internal employees. Used rebrand as a way to refresh employees’ activity/involvement in company. Shows employees are appreciated and gives them a voice. Speaks to many different voices and personalities so the brand itself is enriched.

Collections: AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Brand and identity systems, Brand identity, Corporate communication, Website


Design firm
MTV Networks’ Creative Services, MTV Off-Air Creative
Creative directors
Jeffrey Keyton, Scott Wadler
Art directors
Thomas Berger, Shelly Fukushima, Romy Mann
Shelly Fukushima
Production directors
Alan Perler, Richard Tancin
Editor consulate
Tory Mast
Erhan Erdem
Project managers
Barbara Crawford, Kevin Serapilio